‘Verotika’: Glenn Danzig’s Directorial Debut Set For Halloween VOD Roll-Out

Via: deadline.com

Glenn Danzig

Cleopatra Entertainment is set for a Halloween VOD roll-out for Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut Verotika, the horror/thriller anthology that just made its world premiere at Cinepocalypse in Chicago and will follow that up next week (June 25) with a West Coast premiere at the Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles. Today on Deadline an exclusive first look at the project’s new poster (below) which clearly reflects the comic book roots and horror punk sensibilities of the veteran musician.

Written and directed by Danzig, Verotika was produced by James Cullen Bressack and Jarrett Furst for Cleopatra Entertainment. The anthology ensemble includes Alice Haig, Ashley Wisdom, Kayden Kross, Natalia Borowsky, Rachel Alig, Scotch Hopkins, and Sean Kanan.


Danzig is newly minted as a filmmaker but in heavy metal circles the New Jersey-born singer-songwriter has been a mainstay presence since 1977 and has been a founding member of three notable bands: Danzig, the Misfits, and Samhain.

The title of Verotika is a variation on Verotik, which is the name of Danzig’s comic book company and a term he concocted (it’s a mash-up of “violence” and “erotic”). This August marks the 25th anniversary of Verotik, which has published titles such as Grub Girl, Albino Spider of Dajette and Death Dealer while showcasing the work of fan-favorite creators, among them Liam Sharp, the DC Comics star now drawing the monthly Green Lantern series.

Fathom screenings are planned in the weeks ahead for Verotika in New York, San Francisco, Austin, and other markets. A Blu-ray and DVD home video release is planned by year’s end.