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What is Cleopatra-Entertainment.com
Cleopatra-Entertainment.com is your one-stop site for everything Cleopatra-Entertainment – movies, television, games and more!

Can I attend a movie premiere?
Movie premieres are generally through special invitation only.

Where can I purchase Cleopatra Entertainment merchandise and memorabilia?
Click here to visit the Cleopatra Shop, the Official Shop of Cleopatra Entertainment.

How do I get a job with Cleopatra Entertainment?
Please use the Contact Us form to inquire about any available intern or full-time positions available with Cleopatra Entertainment.

Who do I contact for press releases and media inquiries?
For press and media inquiries, visit our Contact page.

Who do I contact for clips & stills licensing inquiries?
Please review our Clip and Still Licensing Info page and contact our clip and still department atcontact@cleopatra-entertainment.com.

Who do I contact for product licensing inquiries?
Please contact our consumer products licensing department at contact@cleopatra-entertainment.com.

I have read through all the FAQs and I still have a question. What do I do?
If you still have a question after reading through our FAQs, click here to visit our contact form.