Armand Assante Kicks Ass in Exclusive Diamond Cartel Clip (denofgeek.com)

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Armand Assante and Bolo Yeung throw down in a new Diamond Cartel clip, an actioner that features Peter O’Toole’s last performance.

Armand Assante Kicks Ass in Exclusive Diamond Cartel Clip (denofgeek.com)
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Sometimes, you just want an action movie with explosions, testosterone, and perhaps enough wit to hit its target with good cheer. Diamond Cartelappears to strive for just such a blast with its genre, star-studded, no-frills aesthetic. In the picture, Armand Assante of Gotti, The Odyssey, and Judge Dredd fame dives into a world of Russian mobsters, stylized martial arts choreography, and, amusingly, a set-up that features the last performance of screen legend Peter O’Toole.

The film, in which the eight-time Oscar nominated O’Toole takes a final bow as a character appropriately named “Tugboat,” also features Michael Madsen (The Hateful Eight, Reservoir Dogs), famed kickboxer Don “The Dragon” Wilson (Batman Forever, Red Rising Sun), Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (The Fifth Element, The Dark Knight), and Hong Kong legend Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon). And both Assante and Yeung are featured prominently in the below clip, as business in the desert has apparently gone south—and the guns and bow staffs have come out.

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Diamond Cartel, which was shot entirely in Kazakhstan, is a down and dirty effort that was directed by Salamat Mukhammed-Ali and executive produced by Gamal Diab. The picture, which begins its platform rollout on Friday when it opens in LA, is a throwback to an old school type of action. As the synopsis reveals, things will go sideways very quickly when a man named Mussa (Assante) attempts to cross the Triad mob:

The charismatic and ruthless Mussa makes a deal to purchase the Star of East Diamond from Hong-Kong triad crime boss ‘Mr. Lo’ – but not before being robbed via an inside job by his own people – former lovers Aliya and Ruslan. With the help of a friend determined to ferry the back-stabbing duo of Aliya and Ruslan across the sea abroad, the couple nearly makes it across the borders with the loot. But Mussa’s gangsters find them just before they escape, leading to a spectacular, violent finale that sets up the surprise ending!

Diamond Cartel is being theatrically released by Cleopatra Entertainment on March 24. It’s also being released exclusively with Arena Cinelounge, which will be handling the film in all of its Hollywood and Santa Monica locations before the film is released on VOD on April 4, and then drops on DVD on June 13.

Watch the Trailer Above.