The Night of the Virgin

Director: Roberto San Sebastián
Written By: Guillermo Guerrero
Produced By: Kevin Iglesias

Cast: Javier Bódalo Miriam Martín Víctor Amilibia
Genre: Horror
Language: Spanish w/ English Subtitles
Release Date : June 12, 2018

“Disgustingly Unforgettable. Have to be seen to be believed. The Night of the Virgin is a film I will never forget.”

– bloodydisgusting.com

The Night of the Virgin

In this horror-comedy, at a New Year’s Eve party, Nico, a naive twenty year old, sets out ready to lose his virginity at all costs that same night. In the middle of the party, his gaze crosses Medea, a cunning and attractive mature woman.

The Night Of The Virgin


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