Le Choc Du Futur

Director: Marc Collin
Writers: Marc Collin (screenplay), Elina Gakou Gomba (screenplay)
Stars: Alma Jodorowsky, Philippe Rebbot, Geoffrey Carey
Language: French (Subtitles)
Release Date: November 10, 2020

Le Choc Du Futur (The Shock of the Future)

In the Paris of 1978, old formulas do not charm listeners anymore in a male-dominated music industry. Until Ana (Alma Jodorowsky) uses her synthetizers to make herself heard, creating a new sound that will mark the decades to come : the music of the future.

“This day-in-the-life portrait of a struggling electronic musician circa 1978 is never happier than when it gets to fix a loving, lingering gaze on the drum machines, synths, sequencers and reel-to-reel tapes that crowd its heroine’s apartment.”


“masterfully captures a place and time. Watch it loud”

     —The Week

“A beguiling central performance and a near-numinous belief in the transformative power of music are the highlights of this modest yet perfectly formed French-language drama about the origins of synthesizer pop”

     —The Times

“As electronic music ages and develops, more moves are being made to look into the cultural history that initially bred it. […] The film aims to shine a light on the under-appreciated and somewhat forgotten female pioneers of electronic music.”


“Explores the thrilling possibilities of electronic music in a drama with a timely feminist slant”

     —The Guardian