Dare You Look Inside Rolfe Kanefsky’s Black Room? (dreadcentral.com)

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One of favorite indie filmmakers, Rolfe Kanefsky, is back with a new fear flick entitled The Black Room and we have your very first look at what’s to come!

The film is written and directed by Kanefsky (There’s Nothing Out There, The Hazing, Nightmare Man). Produced by Cleopatra Films and The Goods, Natasha Henstridge (Species, Ghosts Of Mars) stars alongside Lin Shaye (Insidious, Ouija), Dominique Swain (Lolita, Face/Off), James Duval (Independence Day, Donnie Darko), Tiffany Shepis (Nightmare Man, Night Of The Demons), Augie Duke (Bad Kids Go To Hell) Lukas Hassel, (“The Blacklist”) and Robert Donavan, (“Rod Steele 0014”). Also appearing are Julia Lehman (The Burning Dead, Pretty Cool Too!), Elissa Dowling (We Are Still Here, Cheap Thrills), Victoria DeMare (Killjoy series), Rachel Riley, (The Lighthouse) Michael Reed, (The Haunting Of Alice D.) Caleb Scott, Catherine Annette (Lucky Bastard, Sunset Society) Jill Evyn, and introducing Alex Rinehart and Milena Gorum. Even cooler? The special effects will be handled by Dread Central favorite Vincent Guastini.

Kanefsky will be attending a signing of the new Delirium Magazine at Dark Delicacies on Febuary 18th from 2-4 and will be joined by producer Esther Goodstein, and some of the cast: Augie Duke, Alex Rinehart, Julia Lehman, Elissa Dowling, and (tentatively) Natasha Henstridge.

The Black Room - Soundtrack

On March 3rd, The Black Room soundtrack will be released by Cleopatra Records featuring a wonderful score by Savant and featuring tracks by Arthur Brown “Fire” (who also appears in the film), Lynn Anderson “Rose Garden”, Brainticket “Black Sand”, ELP- Keith Emerson and Greg Lake’s “Tarkus”.

The Black Room opens theatrically on April 28th in L.A. at the Music Hall Theater. On May 9th, The Black Room will hit iTunes and VOD via The Orchard, and finally on June 18th, The Black Room hits DVD and Blu-Ray with a signing to take place at Dark Delicacies with cast and crew.

A young couple (Natasha Henstridge of “Species” fame & Lukas Hassel) moves into the house of their dreams which quickly becomes a living nightmare when they discover a dark secret awaiting them in the cellar. It has been locked up for years, trapped inside “The Black Room” and it wants out now! A demon who seduces with unholy pleasures, feeds off fear, and violently kills all (Lin Shaye “Insidious” series, Dominque Swain “Lolita”, James Duval “Donnie Darko”, Augie Duke “Bad Kids Go To Hell”) who cross its’ path. You’re invited to the open house of the sexiest horror film of 2016! Enter if you dare…

The Black Room