Todd Rundgren’s Utopia – Live At Chicago Theatre

Featuring: Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Willie Wilcox, Gil Assayas
Produced and Edited by: Chris Anderson / Nevessa Productions, Woodstock
Directed by: John Deeney
Genre: Adult Contemporary, Rock, Progressive
Release Date: April 5th, 2019

Todd Rundgren’s Utopia – Live At Chicago Theatre

Todd Rundgren’s seminal prog-rock / power-pop band Utopia reunites onstage for the first time in 32 years!

The prog rock concert event of the year – the spectacular reunion of Todd Rundgren’s seminal prog rock / power pop outfit, Utopia!

Superb versions of fan favorites from the band’s mid-’70s output, including “Utopia Theme,” “The Ikon,” “Communion With The Sun” and others which have not been performed live in 32 years!

Rundgren recently received a well-deserved nomination for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame!

With Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Willie Wilcox. Featuring Gil Assayas. Produced and mixed by Todd Rundgren

Recorded Live at the Chicago Theatre May 22, 2018

Available on a 4 disc set includes Blu-ray disc, DVD, 2 audio CDs, Limited Edition Green Double Vinyl, and VOD!