A Swingers Weekend

Writer: Jon E. Cohen, Nicola Sammeroff
Director: Jon E. Cohen
Produced By: Nicola Sammeroff

Cast: Erin Karpluk, Randal Edwards, Michael Xavier, Erin Agostino, Jonas Chernick, Mia Kirshner
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Release Date : July 10, 2018

A Swingers Weekend

Lisa and Dan Brown have the perfect jobs, the perfect kids, the perfect home, and the perfect marriage. With a successful business and rock solid marriage, they believe their love to be invincible.

So when they embark on a well-planned SWINGERS weekend to celebrate their birthdays, they’re in it for the thrill, fun and nothing more. Of course it’s all perfectly arranged and planned. They’ve rented a magnificent lakefront property, stocked the fridge with great food and wine, and drafted up a list of rules and regulations to ensure everything goes as it should. They’ve also invited the youngest, coolest and hottest couple they know.

Meet Teejay, an ultra-hip Brand Manager who works for Dan in his successful sports drink company and his super attractive girlfriend Skai. They can hardly believe their luck; it’s not every day that the boss offers up this kind of invite and they plan on making the most of it! Teejay hopes this weekend will allow him the opportunity to present his new business ideas to Dan and Skai is determined to get Dan and Lisa to invest in her new business idea, yoga for babies.

But when a third unexpected couple shows up, everyone’s well laid plays go awry. One of Dan’s oldest friends, Geoffrey Goldstein, the underachieving pot-smoking writer surprises his uptight wife Fiona with this swingers weekend in an attempt to rekindle their failing marriage.

Three different couples, 6 individually motivated people. What could possibly go wrong?